To stakeholders in Enwire AB


This letter is directed to all stakeholders in Enwire.


As you know we have a desire to provide a benefit to for the many promises made in the past by the so called “dream team”.


You are also aware of the failed attempts by the “dream team” and OPN to enlist your services (sadly some of you fell for their continued stories) however we still wish to deliver on those commitments that are lawful and capable of being honored. For those matters that are (and indeed been declared unlawful by a judge) we will though a company we have invested in operate a Litigation Funding program and arrange a class action against these fellows and their associates.


As to the primary matter Enwire ab Owner Social Media Investments will arrange and pay the compensation and other benefits promised to you.


In order to take part in this offer and receive your allotment, please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to

2. Please download the PDF form

3. Fill out the form, scan and email it to no later than December 31 2013

4. Once the Enwire back office staff has assessed your request, they will email you the outcome (allow approx. 30 days for this to complete)

Please keep in mind that processing your request will go faster the better documentation you are able to provide when submitting the form.


For matters relating to shares sold in companies and or units promising lifelong bonus etc. these are the subject of the Class Action, then complete a second form and kindly attach a copy of your share certificate(s) and or other relevant information when submitting the form. Kindly also include your sponsor if possible along with your most recent E-Wallet statement.


This offer is only open to persons who are members of




Enwire AB